Age and Online Behavior in Russia

Following part one of the Yandex study on Russian commerical interests, Russian Search Marketing brings you part two of Yandex’s research that focuses on the age and online behavior in Russia by looking at the variation of commercial interests among men and women of different ages.

In part one of the research, we looked at the overall differences between male and female users when it came to their online commercial interests. Overall there were some categories in which either sex had a much stronger interest in the topic such as business for men and medicine for women. However, there were also a few categories in which both sexes displayed an equal interest in the topic such as education and employment.  The post also looked at the demographic breakdown of users ad clickthrough behavior – concluding male and female users over 45 years-old engage the most with online ads.

In part two of this blog series, we now dig deeper into the way age impacts commercial interests for male and female users.  For both men and women, there is a shift in commercial interests as they age. When looking at both sexes, there is a shared online behavior that likely correlates to different stages of life as users become financially mature, start families, and their needs and interests shift.

Entertainment and media become less of a focus for Russians over time as their interests shift to their homes as seen in the renovation and appliances categories.

When looking at female users alone, there are a few interesting patterns that may correlate with their  lifestyles associated with each age bracket.

Tourism is least attractive to women between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, which could possibly relate to years in which women are starting families and less inclined to travel. The oldest age group, 45 years and older, has the most interest in tourism.

The only topic that was consistently of interest among women of all ages was real estate. Topics such as home products and clothing become more attractive as age increases among women.

When looking at male users, there are also some interesting results showing a focus on tech at younger ages and otherwise an increasing interest in other topics as users age.

IT is the most popular category among men between the ages of 18 to 24 years old, with the widest gap in interests compared to other categories and a relatively closer interest among the different age groups.  By 25 years old men interests have shifted to cars and finances. Business is the most popular category among the oldest age group of 45 and old. Electronics is the only topic that is consistently a popular commercial interest among men of all ages.