New Effective & Interactive Yandex.Direct Ad Design

Last week, Yandex announced the new design for Yandex.Direct ads; Yandex.Direct is the main service for advertising on the Yandex search results page and advertising network.  The announcement was made on Yandex’s official blog for YAN (Yandex Advertising Network).

Those advertising on Yandex will be glad to see these changes and soon see positive changes with their ads as well.

New Block for Contextual Ads

Yandex launched the new version of the interactive ad block just last week.  The new design made the ads more lively and attractive to online shoppers.

That being said,the new design also attracts more traffic to the ads. Based on the results from the first tests comparing the click-through-rate of the old and new designs, CTR rose by 18% wit the new design.

new Yandex.Direct design

As seen above, the ad block has a poster with an image, title, and a link to the advertiser’s website or a virtual business card, what Yandex.Direct calls a vCard containing an advertiser’s important contact information and location.  For the larger images, there is also mouse-over advertising text.  The hidden ad text appears when a user hovers over the image.

To see how this works now, you can check it out directly on Yandex.Auto.

New Vertical Ad Block

The new vertical block or “vertical poster” was designed so that it can fit to the left or right of the content site.  1 to 9 of an advertiser’s ad copies can appear in this new vertical block.  Some ads include images and some do not.  When the ads compete in the auction block, about 60% of the ads actually displayed on Direct include an image.  Below you will see ads with images and one without, as displayed in the Audi example.

new Yandex.Direct design II

The new ad blocks are also already available on Yandex partner sites.  Businesses that are advertising on Yandex can test drive the new effectiveness of the ads by  selecting “vertical poster.”

Horizontal Ad Block is Now Vertical

The launch of the “vertical poster” encouraged Yandex to adapt other ad blocks after seeing  the noticeable effectiveness of the vertical block.  While the functionality of the blocks is very similar, the vertical block shows significantly better results for advertisers.  This resulted in Yandex concluding that the more effective format was going to drive more success for advertisers.   The vertical update will happen automatically so vertical ad blocks will replace horizontal ad blocks on sites that are currently showing them. Advertisers  don’t have to take any additional steps to change their ads.