Advertise through the New Yandex.Radio

Today, Yandex announced Yandex.Radio, a personalized music streaming service for both desktops and mobile devices.

The new service is monetized by audio ads and display ads so this is also a great new exciting option for Yandex advertisers and companies looking to market in Russia.


How does Yandex.Radio work?

Yandex.Radio offers users choices to personalize their music interests in Yandex.Radio.  Users can select from a number of categories including genre, mood, activity, and time.  If you’re into 90s music and you’re traveling, Yandex.Radio will put together the perfect music for you.

yandex radio II

Users can like and dislike music to teach Yandex.Radio more specifically what they like.

What are Yandex.Radio advertising options?

After 4-5 music tracks or 10 or so minutes of listening, an ad will play. This rotation continues but there are no more than 3 minutes of advertising per hour of music listening.

There are two formats: audio display format (similar to ads on Spotify or Pandora) and radio format.

The audio display ad will be 15 or 30 seconds long with a display ad and up to 60 text characters. As opposed to video, users will not have the option to skip the ads.  Advertisers will be glad to know that these are cross-platform ads. Advertisers also have multiple targeting options like location, age, gender, interests, and search retargeting.

The radio format is pretty straight forward like a regular radio ad.  Radio ads are quite similar to audio display but don’t have the display ad, text,   and are not clickable.

These types of ads are great for both brand awareness and direct response campaigns. The audio display ads are clickable and  CTR rates tend to be better than standard display.