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Yandex is the dominant search engine in Russia with over 60% market share.  Yandex also operates in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.  We have a full range of advertising products and analytics tools to help optimize your website.  Most of these tools have been translated to English to serve our international customers and their desire to advertise on Yandex.

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Search Ads

Search ads get your products in front of customers actively looking for your products.  Similar to other large search engines Yandex uses an auction based model for placing ads. A full range of management options for your ads can be found in our self service portal called Yandex.Direct (available in English or Turkish).  Search ads are placed both on Yandex search results as well as those of our search partners.

Yandex Advertising Network

Yandex’s contextual advertising network reaches almost all online Russian consumers.  A wide variety of inventory both within Yandex’s own properties (weather, news, traffic, etc) and on 3rd party sites within our advertising network is available.  A variety of thematic and demographic targeting options are available and can be controlled within the Yandex.Direct platform.

Display Ads

Display ads are a great way to reach consumers who may be less familiar with your brand or offering.  Display inventory is available both on Yandex’s own properties and on 3rd party sites within the Yandex Advertising Network.  A variety of targeting options are available for Display Ads.

Mobile Ads

Mobile Display Ads are currently available for targeting consumers on their mobile devices.

Account Management

Yandex offers free bilingual (English-Russian) account management services for agencies and customers who are spending more than $1,000 per month.  These services include keyword research, media planning, key word and ad copy creation/translation, localization of existing campaigns and ongoing optimization of campaigns.


Yandex.Market is the dominant consumer shopping comparison site in Russia.  Over 18M people per month come to Yandex.Market looking for products.  Yandex.Market’s product listing ad (PLA) service is available for customers who have localized their product content into Russian.


Metrica is a powerful and easy to use web analytics tool designed to help you optimize your site.  Metrica is available in English and Turkish.  More about Metrica is available at

Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster Tools provide an easy to use resource for seeing detailed reports about your sites visibility on Yandex.  The webmaster tools are available in English and Turkish and more information can be found at

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