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RussianSearchMarketing.com is the preeminent resource for those interested in the Russian digital arena. RussianSearchMarketing.com provides the industry reports, case studies, trend observations and impactful Yandex updates necessary to operate an effective digital advertising strategy in Russia.

It is no longer acceptable to roll out a blanket strategy for all geos without considering the individuality of the audience; RussianSearchMarketing.com allows the modern search engine marketer to gain the necessary understanding required for targeting the Russian audience.

RussianSearchMarketing.com is managed by the Yandex International Sales Team, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and China. If assistance in advertising on Yandex is required, please complete the contact form here.

The Yandex International Sales Team is always accessible and eager to help those already advertising in Russia, and those introducing their products or services to the Russian market for the first time.

Our legal and privacy policy is available here.

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About RSM

RussianSearchMarketing.com is a news and information site from the Yandex International business development team. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to receive tips on Advertising in Russia.

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