7 Questions SMXers asked Yandex at SMX West

In case you missed Yandex at SMX West last week in San Jose, Russian Search Marketing has compiled a list of questions that Yandex representatives answered over the last few days. These are the abridged versions but if you contact us, we will be more than happy to go into more detail and answer all the questions you may have about Russia and Yandex.

1. When first optimizing and translating your site into Russian, what is more important for Yandex SEO quantity or quality content?

Quality! Focus your energy on the content of your site. Excessive poorly translated content will not help your Yandex organic search. Yandex will rank the quality of your Russian site carefully, content scraping and copy and pasting machine translated text will not serve your site well.

2. What bid management tools are available with Yandex?

Here is a matrix that shows which enterprise bid management tools are integrated with Yandex.


3. Should my URL be in Russian or English?

Great question! Yandex can easily read both Russian Cyrillic, transliterated Russian to English, and English URLs but the average Russian user may have an easier time navigating pages and remembering URLs that are written in Russian Cyrillic.

4. If many Russians rely on cash, what are good payment options for eCommerce sites in Russia?

While almost half of Russians who order something online prefer to pay in cash when they pick up their purchase at a shipment station or kiosk, many are relying on ePayment systems like Yandex.Money, Qiwi, and WebMoney.

5. Is there an additional fee for Yandex advertisers to work with account managers?

No! Yandex clients that spend a minimum monthly value in Yandex.Direct are assigned a bi-lingual native Russian and English speaking account manager to help with choosing a campaign strategy, keyword translation, and optimization.

6.Is the status of the Russian economy a deterrent for foreign businesses to jump into the Russian market?

Exact opposite- its an incentive! Now is a great time for foreign businesses to capture market share and become the dominant brand in their industry for a lower cost.

7. What’s the best part about working at Yandex?

We get to teach lots of people about Russian culture, the Russian language, the Russian Internet audience, and Yandex services to help them succeed in the Russian market. We can offer this great insight because we get to hang with our Russian colleagues in the Moscow office quite frequently and our analysts supply us with all sorts of cool data on Russian search behavior!