10 Curious Facts about Yandex Advertising Network (YAN)

1. YAN (Yandex Advertising Network), the biggest advertising network in Russia, covers 80% of Russia’s online population which amounts to more than 60 million people.

2. YAN includes more than 20,000 partners and gives access to exclusive ad inventory in Russia – all of Yandex services (Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Music, etc.) and both Russia’s most popular social networks ok.ru and vk.com among other exclusive partners.

3. YAN serves more than 4 billion confirmed impressions daily, and adheres to visibility standards twice the official norm of IAB – at least 50% of the banner area should render in the active browser window for at least 2 seconds.

4. YAN is known for its high quality audience which is a result of:
a)manual selection of partners and individual contract with each platform;
b)strict visibility checks;
c)fraud protection (3 stage process – robot protection, online filters and offline verification).

5. YAN serves ads based on the content of the hosting partner, but also based on user preferences and interests (behavioral targeting). Behavioral targeting accounts for 84.6% of target clicks and 88% of conversions in YAN.

6. YAN supports a variety of ad formats – text ads with image & video extensions, image ads, smart banners and ads for mobile apps.

7. YAN has a minimum bid requirement of $0.03 for text ads with image/video extensions and image ads (minimum Yandex.Direct bid is $0.01) however the final CPC may be lower.

8. YAN offers creative ad builders for image ads and video extensions for free.

9. YAN uses GSP auction rules to determine click prices. On search, VCG auction rules are applied.

10. YAN uses 15 types of automatic targeting to ensure that only relevant ads are served. User online behavior, geographical location, seasonality and Yandex.Metrica signals are only a few factors that are being considered.