Yandex SEO

Yandex maintains a crucial role as Russia’s leading search engine. Russia currently produces the largest Internet audience in all of Europe, but with only 54% Internet penetration rate, there remains significant potential for growth. As such, the value on understanding Yandex SEO and what makes this global search engine tick is increasing daily.

  • Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q3 2015

    Yandex welcome desk

    Russian Search Marketing is excited to report a number of important updates, changes, and launches.  Webmasters, PPC specialists, and users can review the most noteworthy updates from Q3 2015 below. The majority of the updates…

  • Yet Another Update: Mega Yandex News Update Q2 2015

    Yandex Moscow

    Several exciting things have been happening since the last Russian Search Marketing update on Yandex news.  From Yandex’s updated search algorithm Minusinsk to new Yandex.Direct mobile ads, there are a handful of notable changes in…

  • Yandex SEO Keywords Tools

    Yandex icon

    Creating a keyword list in a foreign language in always challenging and time consuming- especially when it is for such a complex language like Russian. SEO specialists can utilize a number of combined tools to…

  • Digital Advertising leads Russian Ad Market in 2015

    media outlets

    Last month research agency Proximity, part of BBDO Russia, conducted a survey on Russian marketing efforts for 2015.  The survey on Russian advertising asked respondents from major industries such as Finance, Auto, Retail, and Healthcare…

  • 7 Questions SMXers asked Yandex at SMX West


    In case you missed Yandex at SMX West last week in San Jose, Russian Search Marketing has compiled a list of questions that Yandex representatives answered over the last few days. These are the abridged…

  • Yandex Metrica for Apps

    metrica for apps

    Yandex.Metrica, Russia’s leading web analytics tool, now offers an application version.  Due to advertising platform and analytics integration, most Metrica users are also advertising on Yandex.Direct.  With recent changes to keep search query data available,…