Yandex SEM

Yandex is one of the world’s top five search engines by query volume, and one of only three global providers. According to LiveInternet, as of July 2013, Yandex generated 62.0% of all search traffic in Russia, and the Yandex Network reaches 96% of all Internet users in Russia. Search engine marketing on Yandex is a fruitful practice, but it’s important to recognize the distinctions that make it unique.

  • Yandex Advertising News Updates Q1 2017

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    Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the first Yandex advertising news update of 2017. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the start of the New Year. These features aim to…

  • Russian Online Activity During the Holiday

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    For most westerners who celebrate Christmas, last week was a week of rest between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s. Children went back to school today and the rest of us returned to work. In…

  • Yandex Advertising News Q4 2016

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    Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the final Yandex advertising news update of 2016. Over the course of the year the Yandex.Direct team introduced several new features for the online advertising community reaching…

  • Yandex.Direct Travel Success Story: Grand Cruise


    Yandex recently interviewed the Russian marketing manager of the hotel chain Grand Cruise for the latest Yandex.Direct travel success story. Thanks in large part to their online marketing campaigns on Yandex.Direct, the Anapa based hotel…

  • Russian Search Activity by Devices 2016 Part 2

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    Recently we took a look at how Russians are searching by device. In that post, readers learned more about the breakdown of device use for searching, in part two we will focus on the details…

  • Yandex Search Query Schedule: Times, Days, and Devices

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    Russian search marketing is glad to bring readers the latest Yandex search query schedule outlining Russian queries by times of day, days of the week, and device type. Among offering other products and services, Yandex…