Social Media

The primary objective for Russian Internet users is networking, and the undisputed champion of venues for networking is the social media space. The primary vehicles for social media in Russia may be different than most of the world, but the user engagement and loyalty of its participating audience is shared. As the audience for social media in Russia increases, so do the business interests that surround it.

  • Social Network Matchup: Vkontakte vs Facebook in Russia


    Quite frequently Russia’s premiere social network, Vkontakte or VK, gets called the Russian version of Facebook.  Both social network sites include personal pages, photo sharing, and community groups for people to connect. Given the similarities,…

  • Raz, Dva, Tri: Getting Fit with Russians


    When most think of Russians and athletics, their success in winter sports comes to mind.  Sure, we think of hockey players, figure skaters, and gymnasts but does the average Ivan maintain personal fitness?  The answer…

  • Social Gaming in Russia Still Increasing

    Teen playing game on tablet

    Online gamers turn to their mobile devices, tablets, and desktops to play their favorite games but they also frequently access social media to do so. and Newzoo released a new assessment of the Russian…

  • The Changing Patterns in Russian Youth Culture

    Teenage school girls lying on the grass in campus

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, post-USSR Russia has had to re-define its social landscape. By the mid-1990s young people in Russia were facing high levels of unemployment and rising crime, leaving them feeling…

  • Social Media Takes Over the Russian Internet

    Screenshot 2014-07-22 11.49.54

    As previously reported by Russian Search Marketing, Runet users spend a whopping 40% of their time online on social networking sites.  As westerners we are all familiar with Facebook but the site actually is much…

  • LiveJournal in Russia – A Blogging Phenomenon


    Since the early 2000s, LiveJournal has emerged as the most prevalent blogging platform in Russia. Although it has at times been the subject of controversy, the continued popularity of the site makes it the best…