Mobile Advertising

It wasn’t long ago that Smart phones in Russia were a thing of mythology. This space has seen remarkable growth recently, and as such the mobile Internet users market has skyrocketed. More Russians than ever before – particularly in major cities – are accessing the Internet from their handheld devices, and forecasted numbers usage at 88.1 million unique monthly mobile Internet users by 2017. This market is growing fast, it’s influential and the comprising demographics are ideal for e-marketers.

  • Adult Russian Internet Users 45-54

    Older man using computer indoors

    This week, our blog series on Russian Internet User Demographics turns to the Internet habits of middle-aged Russians, as we observe the trends of the 45-54 year-old age group.  As Russia’s population ages, the way middle-aged…

  • Yandex Announces Mobile SEO Update: Vladivostok

    vladivostok lighthouse

    Earlier today Yandex announced a new mobile page ranking formula “Vladivostok.”  Yandex’s Vladivostok, named after the Russian city with the highest mobile Internet use, assesses a page’s mobile friendliness when delivering search results for m0bile…

  • Yandex Announces Mobile Friendly Update


    This morning Yandex announced (in Russian)  that it will soon begin marking mobile sites in its mobile search results.  Webmasters in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Khazakstan and Turkey who already have a mobile responsive design or…

  • Comparing SMB Advertising in Russia and the US

    Businessman drawing business marketing concepts with chalk

    Several factors drive a marketing team to decide which mediums to utilize in their marketing strategies. We reassess our budgets and our decisions after reviewing analytics, questioning our conversions, and  figuring out how to get…

  • Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q3 2015

    Yandex welcome desk

    Russian Search Marketing is excited to report a number of important updates, changes, and launches.  Webmasters, PPC specialists, and users can review the most noteworthy updates from Q3 2015 below. The majority of the updates…