General Ecommerce

Ecommerce in Russia has been growing rapidly, and are expected to continue to grow dramatically in the coming years. Cross-border sales account for an estimated 10-15% of total ecommerce sales in Russia, as many consumers find the product selection and prices to be better abroad.

  • The holiday season in Russia

    holidays, x-mas, sale and people concept - happy young asian woman in winter clothes with shopping bags over christmas tree lights background

    As in Western countries, Christmas and the New Year are two of the biggest holidays in Russia, and the winter months mark the holiday season in Russia. However, the shopping season really kicks into gear…

  • Consumers Accessing Foreign foods online in Russia

    Cropped shot of a young woman doing some online shopping with her groceries beside her

    How Russians prepare their food may change in the near future, as a result of a loophole in the restrictions against imported foods in the country. Consumers can access foreign foods online in Russia, offering…

  • Russian Back to School Blog 2015

    back to school kids

    September 1 marks the celebrations for Russia’s “Day of Knowledge” and first day back to school.  The first and last days of school are celebrated with special ceremonies across Russia and the former Soviet Union…

  • Russian Summer Searches and Purchases 2015

    Group Of Young People Enjoying Outdoor Summer Meal

    People are vacationing, spending time at the beach, and enjoying the long awaited warm weather.  Our counterparts in Russia are not letting the economic situation really impact their summer fun.  According to Yandex research, people…

  • Profiling Users of E-Payment Systems in Russia 2015


    For eCommerce players entering the Russian market, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the forms of online payments in Russia.  Businesses entering the Russian market naturally want to know how to make it…

  • Russians’ Top Searches for The Best Deals Online 2015

    two women and laptop

    15-20% of Yandex search queries are related to goods and services.  Most frequently users search for the products and services they want by entering the name without qualifiers like  “iPhone 6” or “бутсы Adidas” [cleats…