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Ecommerce in Russia has been growing rapidly, and are expected to continue to grow dramatically in the coming years. Cross-border sales account for an estimated 10-15% of total ecommerce sales in Russia, as many consumers find the product selection and prices to be better abroad.

  • Russian eCommerce Market Tops $26 billion

    Man using mobile payments online shopping and icon customer network connection on screen, m-banking and omni channel

    Russia’s e-commerce market continued to grow at double-digit rates last year even as offline retail was severely affected by the economic crisis. According to the new edition of EWDN’s Russian E-Commerce Report, which cites data from Russian…

  • Russian eCommerce Student Shopping 2015 v 2016

    rusisan clothes for boys_

    Yandex.Market, Russia’s top online comparison shopping site, recently compiled research on the change in demand and prices for Russian eCommerce student shopping during the back to school period.  The research looks at the most popular…

  • 7 Reasons for Cross border Sales in Russia

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    In 2015, it was projected that Russia would rank third worldwide in e-Commerce. As Russians trust and comfort with online shopping increases, more cross border sales in Russia are being made. But when it comes to the…

  • 2016 Comprehensive Russian eCommerce Report

    Russian ecommerce report

    Russian Search Marketing is pleased to provide this March 2016  market research report on E-Commerce in Russia: What international merchants, service providers, and entrepreneurs must know to succeed in a fast-changing market. This comprehensive research…

  • Russian senior citizen Internet users 55+

    90 years old woman waving while having a a video call on a white notebook

    The last post in the Russian Internet User Demographics series looks at one of the most overlooked groups of users; Russian senior citizen Internet users. Still battling stereotypes concerning their lack of familiarity with technology,…

  • Adult Russian Internet Users 45-54

    Older man using computer indoors

    This week, our blog series on Russian Internet User Demographics turns to the Internet habits of middle-aged Russians, as we observe the trends of the 45-54 year-old age group.  As Russia’s population ages, the way middle-aged…

  • Russian Gift Giving: Women’s Day 2016

    Boyfriend surprised his girlfriend with roses for Valentine's day. 


    Yandex.Money, Russia’s leading online payment system, researched the 2016 Russian gift giving expectations for International Women’s Day.  March 8th is a celebration of women, when men recognize and show appreciation for their female family members,…

  • Russian Cosmetic Industry 2016

    Sensual young woman putting make-up in the bathroom and looking at the mirror.

    The Russian cosmetic industry continues to develop as Russians expand their beauty and hygiene interests.  Appearance has always been an important part of Russian culture but overall health and fitness are becoming a bigger part…